Lloyd Keel, Distiller at Gibson Distilling in Headland Alabama

Our Master Distiller, Lloyd Keel,  began his distilling career in the 70’s learning the  craft of distilling.  Over the past several decades he has experimented with  many grains and processes to make spirits – some so bad that they had to be used as fire starter and a few so  good he kept the recipe for production product.   Over time,  he has perfected the science and the art of selecting the proper grains, water, and yeast for his creations.   He has mastered the art of making the “cuts” and developed his process for making a quality whiskey.    His quest for perfection has enabled George Gibson Distilling  to launch our premium Small Batch and Single Barrel products.  These include the George Gibson Rye Whiskey, Corn Whiskey, and Corn Vodka.

The Corn Whiskey made from the Butchers Apron Red Corn, White Sweet Corn, and Hopi Blue Corn  was for sale on June 26th 2019.   The release of this product  was timed to be enjoyed on your  4th of July celebration.  This Corn Whiskey was only available at the Distillery and the bottle production run was limited to 120 bottles.     The balance of the production  was put in barrels for ageing  and it will be a couple of years before it will be available.     This product sold out almost before the end of the week that it was released.   Plans for another small run of this are in the works and we should have it ready before Thanksgiving.

Tasting Events at the Distillery

Come by the distillery and taste our product.  The distillery is open from 1:00 – 8:00 on Wednesday – Saturday.   One of our staff will be happy to let you taste our products.  Tastings are free.  You must be 21 to taste however.

Tours at the distillery

Come by and tour the facility and see how we make our products.  The distillery is a micro distillery so you can get the tour in about 10 minutes. 

Special Events

We are planning on several events at the distillery   — around the end of October we will be having a “spirited” event.

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