Gibson Distilling Company produces “easy drinking”  rye and corn  whiskey.  The selected grains, combined with skill of our master distiller, allow us to make the perfect Southern Whiskey.  Gibson Whiskey is single barrel whiskey, mellowed by charcoal then aged in oak barrels until it reaches that perfect Southern Whiskey taste.  Our master distiller says  “Making the best requires time, a lot of effort, good ingredients — and a great recipe helps a lot too.”  Every taste, every smell of “Gibson Alabama Handmade Whiskey” brings smooth and soothing senses and relaxing thoughts to memory.

Quality Spirits

At Gibson Distilling we make spirits that we like and are proud to share with you.

Tasting Events at the Distillery

Come by the distillery and taste our product.  The distillery is open from 1:00 – 8:00 on Wednesday – Saturday.   One of our staff will be happy to let you taste our products.  Tastings are free.  However, you must be 21 to sample our products.

Tours at the distillery

Come by and tour the facility and see how we make our products.  Our distillery is a micro distillery so you can get the tour in about 10 minutes.

Special Events

We are planning several events at the distillery — around the end of October we will be having a “spirited” event.

Call Us

(334) – 798-4907


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