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George Gibson Rye Whiskey, Gibson Moonshine, Gibson Corn Whiskey are Registered Trademarks of gibson Distilling Inc. @ 2016
History of Gibson Distilling | Gibson Distilling Company Inc.

History of Gibson Distilling

The Gibson Family produced spirits for generations.  George Gibson, “Mr. George”, as the locals called him, perfected the family recipe and produced a high quality rye based whiskey.  Some people called it ” the best moonshine in the South”.  People from all over Southeast  came  to  the Gibson house to get a quart or two of of  “Mr. George’s special spring water”.    Most summer afternoons you could find him sitting in the swing on the front porch of the little wood frame house he and his family lived in with a cool drink in one hand and a hand fan in the other.   In the winter you could usually find him sitting by the pot belly stove, with a warm glass of cider.    Mr. George, almost always hospitable, would always ask you to come, sit awhile, and have a drink.  Visitors could always depend on him to be able to find a quart or two to keep them from suffering from thirst.

Now days we produce the same quality whiskey with the old family recipe but with a permit from the government.  We make it in small batches, charcoal mellow it, and then age it in oak barrels to the perfect Gibson taste. Try some today and get a taste of the Old South.


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