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George Gibson Rye Whiskey, Gibson Moonshine, Gibson Corn Whiskey are Registered Trademarks of gibson Distilling Inc. @ 2016
Gibson Distilling Company Inc.


Gibson Distilling Company produces “easy drinking” corn  and rye whiskey.     The  water,  selected grains,  combined with skill of our master distillers,  allow us to make the perfect Southern Whiskey.    Gibson Whiskey is small batch and single barrel whiskey,  mellowed by hardwood charcoal,  aged in oak barrels and then mellowed again until it reaches that perfect Gibson taste.     Mr.  Gibson said ” Making the best requires time, a lot of effort, good ingredients — and the family recipe helps a lot too.”    Every taste, every smell of “Gibson Alabama Handmade Whiskey” brings smooth and soothing senses and relaxing thoughts to memory.



The new Gibson Distillery to be in operational in the first quarter of 2018.








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